Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Can a small country tax social media?

Does one single nation truly have the right to demand tax from a webpage that is at once viewable and dynamic all over the world?

Here in New Zealand, one can pick up, on shortwave, Radio Australia. If I hear a radio advertisement that convinces me to buy a product, does the New Zealand government have to the right to demand tax from Australia? Who would pay? The advertiser? The radio network? Or the manufacturer of the product I purchased?

It really gets sticky. Facebook is also free to the user. It does not charge for a subscription. Where it DOES makes its money is from clicks on targeted advertisements. A click could be worth anything from a cent to 10 cents, depending on what is trending.

This is what Inland Revenue New Zealand wants to tax. IRD argues that since those clicks are being conducted on PC's, tablets and smart phones in our country, by our people, it's entitled to a cut. But is it a cut they are truly entitled to? Hard to say.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The story of my life. I'm writing a blog because the keyboard is mightier than the sword. I write to point out evil and hope like hell something gets done about it.

Whilst I type, I'm watching Spiderman ( The Amazing Spiderman, rise of Electro ). Good old streaming movie sites - and who needs to go the pictures anymore? Yes, this whole piracy thing is way out of hand. But the internet is like a street corner. A pile of dvd's and / or cash gets left at this corner in a huge pile. There is a sign on this stack which reads, "Please do not take". Yet - there is no security or police watching this stack. In fact, there is no one around to even try and enforce what the sign is saying. It's merely human to simply help themselves.

My pencil sketch - she is finished.

There - my first post.